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How Do I Plan a Successful Celebrity Meet and Greet?

Most celebrity performers and speakers will accept requests for a VIP or Celebrity meet and greet at your event.  However, there are very important procedures that should be taken to ensure success.

From the very start, the meet & greet needs to be negotiated as part of the initial contract with the artist. As with most details of any booking, the larger the name, the more requirements they have. Keep in mind, that although your organization may have contracted to have a Celebrity performer at your event, this does not mean that the artist will automatically have dinner with the CEO, take a picture holding your product, give a quote about your charitable cause, attend the cocktail reception, sit on the dais or stay after the performance and mingle with the guests.

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The Photo Op and Celebrity Meet & Greet

It is usually helpful to define the purpose of this “meet the artist” opportunity. It should be a gathering of your organization’s most important VIPs, a photo and an autograph opportunity and a chance to have an experience that will long be remembered.

Just about every performer has a preference to do the meet & greet either just prior to their performance or immediately after. It’s important to find out and plan for it in your timeline.

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The following is reprinted from an Artist’s Meet & Greet Guidelines:

We hope you understand that it is our aim to meet the desires of the client within a slim interval of time so that the Artist is able to approach the impending show with as much energy and focus as possible.

If these specific points are adhered to then we are confident that all parties will be satisfied. Communication and coordination of the meeting here is key. If everyone knows what to expect, all should proceed smoothly.

1) The meeting must take place immediately prior (maximum 30 minutes) to Artists on stage performance. This cannot take place much earlier before the concert nor can it take place after the concert.

2) Please have the meeting take place in a room of suitable size in the backstage area ideally adjacent (but not within) the dressing room.

3) There must be a person assigned, that is familiar with the VIP group, who will be responsible for coordinating the group during the meet & greet process.

4) Artist will take pictures with the VIPs. No more then 15 pictures can be taken. Therefore, if more then 15 people are present, then a series of group shots should be taken.

5) In the case of group shots – please have the groups assigned and allocated prior to Artist entering the room.

6) Please ensure that a professional photographer familiar with the meet & greet process is present to take the shots.

7) Once all the VIPs are completely assembled and it is certain that no persons may enter the room other than those invited, Artist will enter and remain in one spot at the end of the room.

8 ) On invitation of meet & greet coordinator, each group or person may approach Artist separately in succession. Artist will shake each person’s hand and then pose for the shot and then they should move out of the room while the next group or person approaches Artist.

9) Once the room is empty – we know we are done.

10) Please note that due to time constraints and in order to preserve energy for the performance, there will be no time for chit chat other than the introduction and greeting. Similarly, there will be no time for picture taking with personal cameras.