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Plaza Hotel Wedding Korean Wedding New York

Authentic Korean Drummer at the Plaza Hotel

For welcoming a Bride & Groom into the ballroom or to celebrate after a wedding ceremony our Korean Drummer is a great surprise for party guests to enjoy.

Traditional Korean Music and Dance features Korean Drumming,  Shamanistic Ritual Dance, Court Music, and Authentic Folk music including poongmul, samulnori, and various presentations of traditional dance.  By integrating visual and theatrical elements such as narrative and dramatic structure our performers create a presentation that is both unique and universally enjoyed by all in attendance.

In addition to performing at Korean Weddings throughout the New York City area, our Drummer/ Dancer has performed for the Peace Concert for Unification of Korea at Carnegie Hall, CID-UNESCO in Istanbul, Turkey, The Brooklyn Academy of Music, The Cibao Expo in the Dominican Republic and the Lincoln Center Out of Doors Festival.

He may be utilized as a feature performer during dinner or a grand way to welcome the arrival of the Bride and Groom in to their wedding reception as he did recently at the Plaza Hotel in New York City.

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